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Below you will find a range of questions across a number of categories that we often get asked by prospective purchasers considering a Blue Cedar Homes development. If there is anything further that you would like to talk with us about please do not hesitate to contact us.



Are there any age restrictions for living in a Blue Cedar Homes development?

All Blue Cedar Homes properties are offered for sale to the retired market. The permanent occupier or at least one spouse must be over the age of 55 (or 65 in some locations).

Can a Family Trust, or similar, buy the property on behalf of parents?

Ownership of a Blue Cedar Homes property is not restricted – only its occupation. Blue Cedar Homes properties may be owned by residents, members of their family, friends, charities, trusts or companies.

What is the tenure of my property?

The properties are available on a freehold basis (except in the case of an apartment).

I am considerably older than my wife/husband; if I die can my under aged spouse/children stay in occupation?

Under age spouses can stay in the property if widowed. Children are not allowed to be permanently resident in the property unless they act as official carers and only with the approval of Blue Cedar Homes/Blue Cedar Homes Management Company, but are naturally welcome to stay as guests at any time.

Can I let the property?

Owners may let their property should they wish to do so, however only “qualifying” tenants may occupy the property.


Is there a Service Charge and what does it cover?

There is an annual service charge which is set up to cover the expenditure associated with managing the development, with an additional element to cover major periodic planned costs. The service charge covers all aspects of managing the development, not unlike managing your own property. Typically, key headings are: employment and associated costs of the Estate Manager; communal water and electricity charges; lighting of communal areas; maintenance of gate entry system; maintenance of grounds; upkeep of any shared areas; the periodic external painting and decoration of houses; gutter clearance; insurance (for the communal area, etc); external window cleaning of all properties; management fee; provisions for periodic costs.
It is intended that the service charge represents excellent value for money. Further services will also be available as and when required on a discretionary basis (paid for as required).

How much does the service charge increase each year?

The service charge covers costs including those from external companies and organisations (e.g. utility companies, insurances, window cleaners etc) and any rise is influenced by the increases imposed by those sources. Blue Cedar Homes Management Company will manage the costs proficiently and it aims to keep any increases to a reasonable level.

When is the service charge payable?

Payment of service charge is quarterly.

Will I still have to pay Council Tax if I move to a Blue Cedar Homes property?

Council Tax has to be paid by the occupier of every property, the tax bands vary.

What is the ground rent?

Ground rent is only payable under ownership of an apartment.

Are there any transfer/assignment fees when selling a Blue Cedar Homes property? 

No, we do not charge transfer/assignment fees (i.e. you will receive 100% of the proceeds upon sale). There may be a fee for providing Management information to prospective purchasers.

Are there water meters and who pays the water charges?

Water meters are installed in each property. The charges for water used in the communal areas form part of the annual service charge. The design of the appliances and fittings are efficient in terms of water consumption.


Can I have a security alarm fitted?

Security alarms are fitted as part of the specification. Additional alarm boxes cannot be fitted to the outside of the property without Blue Cedar Homes/Blue Cedar Homes Management Company’s approval.

Can I have broadband installed?

Yes – subject to local network availability.

Storage is important – would I have a loft?

Lofts are not designed to be used as storage areas. Storage areas are incorporated into the design of all Blue Cedar Homes, and where possible, conveniently positioned at normal floor levels.

Can I have a conservatory fitted?

Approval for the installation of a conservatory lies first with Blue Cedar Homes/Blue Cedar Homes Management Company and second with the Local Planning Authority. Residents should also obtain the agreement of their neighbours, who may well be affected. Once Blue Cedar Homes/Blue Cedar Homes Management Company is satisfied that the proposed design is acceptable and in keeping with the development, it is the resident’s responsibility to apply for appropriate planning approvals. Once granted and when the conservatory has been erected, the resident and any future occupant will remain responsible for any maintenance that may be required in the future.

How will my home be heated?

In most developments, a Blue Cedar Homes property is heated by means of an individual gas fired condensing boiler with distribution, either by means of an underfloor distribution system and/or radiators. Please contact us for specific details relating to your preferred development site.

Will the property be energy efficient?

All of our properties are built to exceed the energy performance requirements of the UK Building Regulations which places our properties within the top 2% of energy efficient properties within the UK. The high levels of insulation ensure minimal heat loss and therefore encourage high energy efficiency. Furthermore, energy efficient condensing boilers and ‘A’ rated kitchen appliances are standard within our properties.


Can I lock up & leave for several months?

One of the many benefits of a Blue Cedar Homes property is just this – you can lock up and leave the property for a period of time safe in the knowledge that the Estate Manager will be keeping an eye on it for you. If asked, the Estate Manager will even water the plants in your absence (subject to a reasonable charge). However, it would be wise to verify that the length of your absence does not negate your home insurance policy.

Can I help in the gardens?

Maintenance of the garden is the responsibility of the Estate Manager. However all houses have their own private patio and garden. Residents, if and for as long as they wish to do so, may maintain the rear garden areas adjoining their property, providing this conforms, and is compatible with, the Management Company’s overall “garden plan”. Any additional work in the gardens must be approved and co-ordinated by the Management Company.  

Are pets allowed?

Pets are permitted, providing written permission has been obtained from the Management Company (at its complete discretion). Pets are welcome but must be kept under strict control to avoid nuisance to other residents. Dogs must be exercised off the development and whilst on the development must be on a lead at all times.

Are there communal facilities?

All developments have superb landscaped grounds, generally including a beautiful summerhouse.

How is refuse dealt with?

Each development has a recycling/refuse bin store conveniently located close to the main entrance, which is emptied regularly by the Local Authority. Residents are encouraged to put their refuse in the appropriate bins. Each property has caddy bins within the kitchen design. The Estate Manager will collect bags from individual properties on a regular basis if required (subject to a small charge).

What happens if I need nursing or other help in the home?

You are free to have domestic and nursing help as and when required. All houses are specifically designed so that, if necessary, a resident can live on the ground floor with a bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, shower room and patio garden – with the accommodation upstairs available for live-in help if required. Your Blue Cedar Homes property has also been designed to be versatile and adaptable to suit numerous living needs.


What care do the Estate Managers give?

The visiting Estate Managers act as good neighbours. They do not hold nursing qualifications, nor are they permitted to administer medicines.


Who is responsible for the decoration of my property?

Blue Cedar Homes Management Company has responsibility for the periodic redecoration of the exterior of the properties (at most of its schemes). Individual owners are responsible for internal decoration.

How often is the external decorating done?

External decoration is part of the planned maintenance contained in the service charge. This usually takes place every 5 years.

Internal structural alterations: can I knock down internal walls?

Yes, changes may be made internally to the structure of a property, provided these changes are reasonable and conform to any necessary planning/building approvals. Your Blue Cedar Homes property has been designed to be capable of adaptation to suit numerous living needs.


Where can I get more information on the Management Company?

Please go to the ‘Contact’ page for further contact details. We will be very happy to answer any specific questions that you might have, or to send you additional information as relevant.

Can I ask more questions?

Of course. We will be pleased to help. There are numerous ways that we can be contacted:

1. Speak to our Selling Agent
2. Email us sales@bluecedarhomes.co.uk
3. Call us 01392 441909
4. Fax us 01392 369540
5. Write to us at:

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If we are unable to provide an immediate response we will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.


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